Our Experts

  • Personalized Medicine

    25+ Years of General Practice Medicine Experience

    Dr. Michael Grogan
  • Extreme Weight Loss

    47+ years of Culinary Arts Experience

    Chef Michael Belanger
  • Urgent Care

    18+ Years of Medical Experience

What is Go Beyond Medicine?
Our Results
  • A car accident is what brought me in. I tried accupuncture and I have felt so much better and able to do more than I have been capable of since my accident almost 2 years ago. I love Go Beyond Medicine! They actually care about the person instead of the money.

  • I get better sleep now. I feel that I have a little bit of hope of getting better and my thoughts are not as depressing as they were. I finally think that I got a doctor that listens to my conerns and thoughts. He gives me the tools to help myself and I feel he really cares about my health and well being. Thanks Dr Grogan.

  • Each month we set goals and I always give it my all. I'm always moving forward and never looking better. Everyone here is great and they all go above and beyond. On my bad days they always make me feel better and smile. Dr Grogan is the best doctor ever and the only one that truely helped me. He is someone I can be truthful with and always get an honest answer. I feel better just talking with him.

  • I feel more stale and secure with my situation. I'm getting treated very well and time is spent with me and options to improve my functionality. I am ccomfortable with the care I recieve and am confident in the treatment.