Advantages of Private Care

Putting you in charge of your care helps everyone drive down costs.

Go Beyond Medicine gives you the opportunity to look ahead and customize a treatment plan that fits your health picture. Planning ahead is a big part of our ability to pass along savings for care. After selecting private care, you’ll never look back.

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Go Beyond Managed Care

We make beautiful music together!

The collaboration of traditional and alternative medicine goes beyond managed care.

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Primary Care For Your Family!

Quality health care for your family!

We have primary care for your family!

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HRT – Why you may need it

Natural Hormone Therapy can completely change how you look and feel in ways that get people talking. Take our test today and find out if it can help you.

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Why We’re So Different

Never heard of a Direct Care Doctor before? That’s OK; you’re not alone, but after you experience the difference Go Beyond Medicine can make in your life, you’ll want to introduce everyone you know!

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Patient Testimonials


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Why feel your age?

Hormones are chemical messengers secreted into the blood by endocrine glands – once secreted hormones will travel through the blood stream to reach target organs where they bind with specific receptor sites on the cell walls of these target organs, thus delivering the hormonal message to the cells which make up the tissue of the target organ. Once hormones reach the target organ they help to regulate many basic functions such as the production of DNA or RNA, the synthesis of proteins, production of enzymes and influence the energy producing center of the cell, the mitochondria. When hormones are balanced they allow your body to function effectively and efficiently. Throughout one’s life proper hormone balance allows for proper growth, development and health.

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Natural Hormone Therapy

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